storage manufacturer case study

Technology Packaging and Media Storage Manufacturer – Project Case Study

A Storage and Packaging Manufacturer whose division was focused on storage solutions for technology media needed a way to turn their in-house deliverable into a high quality outsourced solution. Moore was selected for the project – and we delivered results.


The Manufacturer came to us with a program where they were doing in-house injection molding of their parts. This represented a small part of their total operations, and they decided it would make more sense to outsource the production. The challenge was finding a source to meet custom requirements with a quality deliverable.


We proposed a unique solution. In addition to taking over the molding, Moore purchased their machines, and also took over the secondary operations.

After we started molding – we found further advantages for the customer in materials areas. The parts were originally molded with clarified PP with propylene elastomer added as an impact modifier. By changing grades to a clarified PP with integral modifiers we were able to improve the impact properties while holding costs in the face of increasing material pricing. Our knowledge and customer focus – paid dividends.

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